Groesbeck Senior Citizen News

By Ann Vinsion

I'm hoping everyone had a blessed Easter Sunday this year. We all need to count our blessings one by one just to see what God has done.

Here at the center our work is going along, some days smooth, some rough, but we continue because our job is to serve the older folks of this county.

Debra Hardin, our Director, has had her share of hard days lately, but she is like the battery rabbit on TV, she just keeps on ticking. Thank you Debra.

We are planning a day trip to Corsicana this month, going to candy factory and the famed bakery for sure. I've ask to not forget the Ice Cream Shop on the way back. If you want to go, call 254-729-5123 to learn about this fun trip.

We have a new puzzle going, need new knitting friends, and so happy to tell you dominos games are happening. The exercise/bingo is a two time event for us. We have room for more to sit with us. There are slots for anyone who might call these games for our seniors each Tuesday and Friday. Last session, Iva Fulcher was the only one to call BINGO and took the prize.

Folks this is your center, we would love for it to overflow each day. Come and help make it a going place again and we welcome new ideas.

You know old people hate change, but it is good for us.

Smile at three new faces today (be ready) they will smile back

God is in control.

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