Ready to live…Not Prepared to Die

By Clifton Fox, Church of Christ

The builders of the Titanic “cut corners” in several construction and safety areas as they built the “unsinkable ship.” That “cutting corners” doomed the mighty vessel to the bottom of the ocean. Their bare minimum mentality mirrors a fallen Christian’s steps toward shipwrecking their own faith (1st Tim. 1:19). The ship builders’ lessons are much like the lessons we discover as Christians sink into sin and fall away (Heb. 6:4-6; 10:26-31). They were ready to live. But, not prepared for death.

First, their false confidence that they could not fail, or fall doomed the ship. After all, they believed it was unsinkable. We face equal disaster, when we believe we are immune from sin or falling away. Some major denominations teach folks their faith is unsinkable and that it’s impossible for a saved person to fall away or become lost again (Heb. 3:12-13). Their ship can and will sink.

Second, the arrogance of White Star Line engineers led them to seek only minimum safety standards for the Titanic. Their complacency was so foolish. Five decades before the Titanic disaster, the ocean liner, Great Eastern, had struck a giant rock off the US coast, which tore hole nine feet wide and 83 feet long. However, she had an inner hull and was able to limp into port. No one was hurt. However, the builders of the Titanic saw double-hulls as unnecessary expense. They “cut corners” on many other safety standards. For example, lifeboats. Regulations called for a ship of Titanic's size to carry lifeboats for 1,000… for every passenger on board. However, the engineers took foolish risks to save money. Like fools obsessed with worldliness, they were ready to live, but not prepared to die…this cost men their souls.

Do we “cut corners” on safety in our lives? Do we try to “get by” on the minimum? We reason there is a bare minimum that we can do, and sill be pleasing to God: Like attending worship on Sunday and living a “good” life is enough. We delude ourselves that we are just fine doing the minimum. 

Discipleship is not about minimums. Salvation isn’t based on how much “good” is good enough. We require the blood of Christ, cleansing our souls (Acts 22:16, 1st Pet. 1:18-19). We are commanded to walk worthy of the "calling with which you were called" (Eph. 4:1). Faithfulness is not about the minimum, it is about doing all we can for Christ (Matt 22:37). Too many want to be a Christian, but don’t want it to fill their lives. However, if Christ does not fill our hearts, Satan will fill the vacuum (1st Peter 5:8). Do not “cut corners” on Christ. He deserves better. He deserves our best effort our obedience (Mk. 16:15-16). Make sure you are not only ready to live; but also, prepared to die. Worship with us at Groesbeck church of Christ this Sunday.

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