Shepherd Sayings

Pastor Jack, Kosse Baptist Church

One of the rather unsavory branches of my family tree, Chet Burglour, is said to have often quoted the Bible. It seems that one of his favorite quotations was, “The Lord helps them that help themselves”. Cousin Burglour must have felt himself to be a man whom God helped a great deal for he was always helping himself to anything that wasn’t under lock and key.

I have only heard of Chet, but I have met a number of his descendants who continue to multiply. After all these years it’s still a mystery to me in which book, chapter, and verse of the Bible he was quoting. For one thing is certain, his quote is not found in “God’s Holy Bible”!

Have you ever noticed how often the Bible is misquoted or unknown? Someone has well said, “The Bible many people will ever read is the life style of some Christian they know.” My fellow Christian, most of the people in our community read the Gospel according to us more than they read the Gospel of Matthew, Mark, Luke and John. D.L. Moody said, “The nation needs the Bible, but the Christian man is the world’s bible, and in many cases, the only one most of the world ever reads, and most Christians need revising”.

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