Shepherd Sayings

By Pastor Jack, Kosse Baptist Church

The Ten Commandments are the center piece of God’s Old Testament laws. These commandments give basic moral and spiritual instructions about how to treat God, family and others. America is in moral and spiritual decline. Our nation has expelled God from homes, schools, offices, political life and the business world. We have replaced God with wrecked families, increased teen pregnancy and unwed mothers, mounting crime, and a growing disinterest in worship. When a person or a nation turns away from God, they will perish.

Arnold Toynbee, a historian, writes, “There have been twenty-one great civilizations of the world. The cold hard historical fact is that fourteen of them have disappeared. These civilizations became monuments to man’s self-sufficiency and no person can long exist in God’s world when he lives only for himself.”

Some argue that God’s commandments are obsolete in our modern day. I do not believe that. For God’s commandments are sign posts that cry out of danger and destruction to all who go beyond their posted limits.

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