Texas Board of Education Ruling on Evolution

By Clifton Fox, Church of Christ


     Here’s exciting news concerning the scientific study of Creation and its Creator. On Friday, April 21st, The Texas Board of Education approved guidelines which allow teachers to expose the many flaws of the theory of evolution and to present alterative explanations for creation; such as intelligent design. Barbara Cargill, a member of the Board, gave the following explanation of their decision:


     “The debate about whether to teach the scientific strengths and limitations of theories, like evolution, presents an incredible opportunity for good science instruction that will develop critical thinkers…It permits, motivates and inspires students to discuss multiple scientific explanations for controversial subjects. We must educate our students — not indoctrinate them by presenting only a portion of the scientific evidence that is known. This is especially true when the science community is well aware there are multiple plausible, yet limited, scientific theories regarding mysteries in science, like the origin of life.


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