• Photo courtesy of Angela Crane
    Upon hearing her name called as the grand prize winner of the $10,000 visa, Amanda Walker immediately called Karen Wietzikoski, who she split the $100 dollar ticket with to share the exciting news.
  • Photo courtesy of Lisa Parker
    The GHS Senior Class of 2018 stood before those in attendance for the $10,000 Dollar Dinner Giveaway, all present to work the event.
  • Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    Seniors Mason Carpenter and Claylin Carter helped senior parent/organizer Michelle Latray and emcee Johnathan Price remove numbers from the board as they were drawn, whittling down possible winners until three remained at the $10,000 Dollar Dinner Giveaway supporting GHS Senior Class 2018 on February 10.
  • Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    “Grab bags” could be bought for $10, and while one bag held a hundred dollar bill, several other bags held a few singles or gift cards, so most who participated didn’t leave empty handed.
  • Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    Several donated items were up for raffle, and those in attendance for the $10,000 Dollar Dinner Giveaway supporting GHS Senior Class 2018 could try their luck by placing stretch tickets in a bag with the desired item.
  • Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    Over 200 people were in attendance for the $10,000 Dollar Dinner Giveaway supporting GHS Senior Class 2018 at Enge-Washington Intermediate, with each person present hoping to take home the grand prize!

$10,000 Dollar Dinner Giveaway

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer

Over 200 people gathered at Enge-Washington Intermediate on Saturday, February 10 for a steak dinner and the chance to win $10,000! Those in attendance offered their support for the Groesbeck High School Senior Class of 2018 through their purchase of a $100 ticket that bought dinner for two and the chance to win the 10k. Ticket buyers could also purchase insurance for $30, which meant if their number was drawn, ending their chance at the prize money, their number was thrown back into the wheel for another chance at becoming the winner.

Clay and Shannon Poldrack Family Catering provided food for the event, cooking up plates of steak, green beans, a loaded baked potato and a roll for ticket buyers. Ribeyes were also sold at 10 pounds for $40 for anyone interested.

Members of the senior class worked the event, serving the food and drinks, helping with clean up, and a couple joined emcee Johnathan Price and Michelle Latray onstage where numbers were slowly removed from the board.

Though the $10,000 dollars was likely the most desired prize by all present, the event wasn’t winner takes all, with second prize taking home a $600 dollar visa card, and third prize winning a $300 dollar visa card. Besides the five figure grand jackpot, many donated items were up for grabs through the purchase and placement of stretch tickets. You could buy 40 stretch tickets for $10, and place as many tickets as you like in the bag for a desired item. Items ranged from a drone to gift certificates for local restaurants and businesses, a tabletop grill, desserts, gardening sets, and more. Periodically, numbers were drawn for each of the items and winners were announced by emcee Johnathan Price.

As more and more numbers were taken down from the board of possible winners, people from neighboring tables would poke fun at their competitors and the word “jinx” could be heard often.

By 9 p.m., only five numbers remained in play, and the three winners are as follows:


1st Prize, a $10,000 dollar visa- Amanda Walker and Karen Wietzikoski

2nd Prize, a $600 dollar visa- Post Office Crew (Mark Smith et al)

3rd Prize, a $300 dollar visa- Kelly Buzbee


Other Winners:

Yeti Cooler (donated)- Justin Garrett

Custom red and white Bow and Arrow set (donated by Ace Custom Coatings)- Blake Knopf

$100 in grab bag- Richard Duncan


Michelle Latray, senior parent and sponsor called the event "a great success".

"We are very grateful to the individuals and businesses for their support by donating items and purchasing tickets. We have not accounted for all of the expenditures yet in order to get a grand total raised, but we expect to be able to give our seniors an outstanding Graduation Night Event!"

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