• Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    Johnae King, Sofia Jimenez and Constanza Alvarado pose in front of the milkweed plants they just potted and placed outside.
  • Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    The entire 4th grade class participated in this Monarch Butterfly Project and Tuesday, May 16, they moved the sprouting milkweed plants from milk cartons to pots and placed them outside in the open sun.
  • Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    One of the fourth graders adds his potted milkweed to a long line of plants on the sidewalk.
  • Photo provided by Cassandra Bindea
    Students circle around the projector screen and take turns asking questions during a skype call with Rocio Trevino, Coordinator of the Butterfly Migration in Mexico.

4th Graders Working Hard to Help Monarch Butterfly Population

By Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Staff Writer

A couple months ago, 4th grade teacher Mrs. Bindea asked students to come up with original ideas and projects that may spread awareness and/or help save the shrinking population of Monarch Butterflies. As this school year comes to an end, the students have grown over 100 milkweed plants, spoken with the coordinator for El Correo Real, Migración de la Monarca, a program that oversees the migration of Monarchs in Mexico, and raised over $350 so that next year’s fourth graders can continue this initiative.

The Monarch Butterflies are an endangered species, and every year, fewer and fewer of the butterflies travel from the United States and Canada to the forests of Mexico. Mrs. Bindea wanted to teach her students about this problem and encourage them to figure out what role they can play in improving this situation.

The classes started by growing milkweed plants, a poisonous plant that the caterpillars eat and later the butterflies need to lay eggs. They started the growing process about 4 weeks ago.

They aren't big enough to bloom, so they don't look super impressive, but they are actually very difficult to start and grow indoors, so I'm pretty proud of how they've done,” Mrs Bindea said.

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