Candidate filing is underway for Groesbeck

City Council and GISD School Board elections

By Tom Hawkins


Candidate filing is now underway for the Groesbeck City Council and the school board of the Groesbeck Independent School District. Election Day is Saturday, May 5.

Candidate filing began Wednesday, January 17, and will end on Friday, February 16.

This year the voters of the City of Groesbeck will elect a mayor and three members of the Groesbeck City Council.

Ray O’Docharty is currently serving as Groesbeck mayor. The incumbent city council members whose terms are up for election are Matthew Dawley, Tamika Jackson, and Mike Thompson. The positions of mayor and city council members are two year terms.

Candidate filing for the city election is taking place at the Groesbeck city hall in the office of Groesbeck City Secretary Brenda Jackson.

Three positions are to be elected to the Groesbeck ISD school board. Places to be elected are representatives from Single Member District 3 (Tom Sutton, incumbent); Single Member District 4 (Randy Hunter, incumbent); and Single Member District 5 (Aslone Foy, incumbent).

Tom Sutton has filed for reelection for Single Member District 3, and Aslone Foy has filed for reelection for Single Member District 5. Jud Hughes has filed as a candidate for Single Member District 4; and Dr. Garry Dossey has filed as a candidate for Single Member District 5.

Candidate filing for the Groesbeck ISD school board is being conducted in the Administrative Office of the school district with these offices being located on the campus of Groesbeck High School. To pick up filing packets contact Teresa Battrick or Tammy Rand.

As announced recently three positions will be elected to the South Limestone Hospital District Board of Directors. Limestone Medical Center is under the authority of the South Limestone Hospital District. Board positions 1, 2, and 5 are to be elected this year. Position 1 is currently held by Glenda O’Neal; Position 2 by Joe L. Phillips; and Position 5 by Danny Hewitt. This election will also be on May 5.

Filing for the Hospital Board is being conducted in the Chief Executive Office of the Limestone Medical Center, 701 McClintic Drive, Groesbeck, Texas.

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