City Council Meets, Discusses Outages and New Squad Cars

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Reporter

The Groesbeck City Council met for a regularly scheduled meeting at 6:00 pm on Tuesday, January 16th, and the meeting was quite brief. There were few items on the agenda, and the most discussed topic was the city wide power and the natural gas outages.

“Today has been a long day,” said City Administrator Chris Henson. “Obviously we experienced a power outage first thing this morning that was quickly followed by the natural gas outage. Atmos has multiple technicians in town shutting down the gas meters. Once they do that they will purge the system, it will re-pressurize and start to go back online. It is not a quick process by any stretch, but I’ll tell you those guys are hustling. You’re looking at 700-800 meters that they have to work with, so it’s going to be a lengthy process. Just before I came in I spoke with Pastor Carabin at Living Proof Church, they’re going to offer a warming facility at their church beginning about 7 o’clock, so if anybody finds themselves in need of a warmer place to be than where they’re currently located, they are welcome to contact Pastor Carabin and that church will take care of them.”

“I spoke to Pastor Darron Killingsworth and he said if we have an overflow or need additional places to send people, he volunteered to use his church which is all electric,” added Mayor Ray O’Docharty.

“Is there any reason for the electric outage that has been given?” asked Council member Michael Thompson.

“They had a substation that was overloaded, that’s what triggered it,” Henson responded. “Then the electric outage caused some issue with the gas system, and that’s what took it down.”

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