Council gets details on water leak

By Roxanne Thompson, Staff Writer

Groesbeck City Administrator Chris Henson and Public Works Director Keith Tilley reported at city council’s Nov. 21 meeting on the water leak of the previous week.

“Last week we had a small water leak on one of our 1920s water lines,” Henson told the council.

“It could have been a lot worse,” Tilley said. “It happened to be on an old tap that goes down the center of the street instead of on the 10-inch that’s right in the middle of Hwy. 14 that’s nine feet deep.”

The leaking water pipe was just below a gas line, he and Henson both noted, making the repair “pretty touchy,” Tilley said.

“It took a little while to get it done,” Tilley added. “I think we took about six dump truck loads of asphalt and rock out of there that we had to put back in.”

Henson noted that had the pipe completely broken, water service to the entire city would have been affected.

Mayor Ray O’Docharty reminded Tilley that he had asked him at a previous meeting how the city could isolate different parts of its water lines so the whole city would not be affected in these types of instances; and he asked Tilley how progress on that project was going.

“I could get you some figures here pretty soon about what that would mean,” Tilley said.

O’Docharty said that after Tilley gets estimates on the price, the city would work on how to finance the project.

In other matters concerning Public Works, Henson told the council that Tilley had been replacing stop signs around town using the city’s new equipment, with positive results.

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