• Photo by Tim O’Malley/The Mexia News
    Groesbeck Police Chief, Chris Henson shakes hands with Mexia Police Chief, Brian Bell as they enter into a mutual aid agreement for both departments.

Groesbeck and Mexia Police Departments form mutual aid agreement

By Jennifer Paul, Editor/GM

Chatting with the Chief

Paul: Word is that Groesbeck PD and Mexia PD are working together now, can you tell me more about that?

Chief Henson: I’m really excited about this. In the local government code they allow for the governing body to enter into a resolution with the neighboring county to form a mutual aid law enforcement task force so that you may co-operate in criminal investigations in law enforcement. Essentially, we’ve done that with Mexia.  It’s normally common with fire departments and EMS agencies. Many times in larger areas you will see mutual aid agreements reach out to encompass a large area, some counties have all the agencies under one agreement. The thing with Groesbeck and Mexia is that we share the same criminals. If I'm chasing a guy and Chief Bell is chasing the same guy in Mexia but we aren't working together we might never know about it to connect the dots. What this agreement means is that when we go over there it allows us to work in, and with Mexia, with no restrictions. Same also goes for Mexia, they can come here. In addition to that, both agencies can aid with any resources they have, like our K9, or if Mexia has a huge case and needs help with the investigation, this agreement covers all of that.


Paul: Why is this mutual aid agreement important?

Chief Henson: Federal death benefits are tied to having a properly executed mutual aid agreement. We don't have any.  We started the process and initiated an agreement with Kosse PD last year and when Chief Bell assumed the position in Mexia, it was something we had already discussed. We hate to admit it but law enforcement agencies are territorial, the reason is because if I am working a case, and another agency comes in and starts their own investigation, it derails my case because we didn't share information. This deal will take care of that problem, we will sit and share information, as we can, through intel sharing conferences or briefings. It just makes our efforts joint, to better serve both cities.


Paul: Normally when people think of Mexia and Groesbeck doing things together they might raise an eyebrow. Are you worried about that?

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