Groesbeck Drinking Water Taste and Odor problems not harmful

NO boil water notice in effect  

NO boil water notice in effect  


A report from the Groesbeck Director of Public Works, Keith Tilley on Tuesday summarized what is causing the taste and odor problems in the City of Groesbeck’s drinking water at this time in 2018.


Tilley stated “Historically, these events have been going on for many years. Most people that have lived here for a long time are accustomed to this on a periodic basis. That doesn’t change the fact that it does taste bad and that some people are concerned about the safety of the water. There have been no tests performed to this date that suggests that the water is not safe to drink. The state mandates that drinking water must be safe to drink before it gets to the customers and the City of Groesbeck is committed to providing that.  Hopefully, with some more heavy rain events this problem will go away on its own. The cause of the water smell/odor is that an algae bloom has occurred in Ft. Parker Lake and has washed down to the Navasota River where the City pulls water from to treat. There is no reason to boil your water or assume it is not safe. If a boil water event is issued the City will always do a public notification to its customers.”

For a more in-depth explanation on the Groesbeck water taste/odor issue see next week’s (March 22) Journal.

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