Groesbeck EDC holds regular meeting

Plans for Parkette continue to progress

By Jennifer Paul, Editor/GM


Groesbeck EDC met on January 22 in regular session, all board members were present minus Michael Thompson.

The main item on the agenda was the development of the 302 Parkette project. Contractor Chuck Radney was in attendance to present and aid in his expertise in the development of the project.

Chuck Radney went over the pre-planned layout for the Parkette and presented the board with his recommendations, suggesting the structure of the Parkette be laid out before starting the mural in order get the correct layout and positioning for the mural itself. The structure shouldn’t block a professionally artistic piece. Radney suggested using Groesbeck reds to lay the flooring of the Parkette, similar to that of the Groesbeck red brick roads, adding that along the base where seating is planned, it is best to use limestone for a smoother surface.

Presley mentioned that the idea of commemorative plaques or bricks were in question and it was determined that would be possible. Presley plans on starting the selling process for those bricks immediately.

Details from electric plans to future Christmas tree placing were discussed, but in the end, the board decided a more of a final sketch and budget were needed before final approval on the specifics.

Once again, a hot topic of the meeting was what would be on the mural wall. It is planned for the structures of the Parkette to also be incorporated with the mural. Many ideas for the artwork were thrown around by those present.

"We can do a cornucopia on the high side with the Groesbeck symbol on it, then out of the cornucopia, everything from our history like from the covered wagons, cattle drives, trains and all of that coming out of the cornucopia," stated Mayor O'Docharty

"The artist has been in town and went to the Limestone County museum, he stopped by the Groesbeck Journal and picked up some magazines and Legends, he's talked to people in town,” Presley said. “He has done work around the nation, almost basically painted Texas so I'm really just waiting on a concept from him so we can figure out what we want and go from there. The Groesbeck Journal ran a full feature on the mural artist, Tony Bryant, and his portfolio last week (January 18). I'm excited to see what concepts he can a can come up with for our city."

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