Groesbeck EDC updates on progress of future

By Jennifer Paul, Editor/GM

Groesbeck EDC board of directors held a regularly scheduled meeting on Monday, November 20 at 6:00 p.m. Shortly after approving the regular minutes, the board adjourned into executive session on deliberation about Real Property- Industrial Park Lot #1.

The board reconvened at 6:10 p.m. in open session and Executive Director, TK Presley gave the Directors report for the month. Lot #1, the Chalmers land transfer back to the City, is nearly complete and going smoothly.

Presley shared that she been working with Mexia EDC Director, Susan Cates and Mr. Larry Smith on the upcoming county tourism website. 

"It's not yet published but in the works and the hope is to be up and running by the beginning of the year." Currently, they are working towards the content and branding, anyone that has historical or helpful information is asked to reach out to the EDC offices.

Groesbeck EDC received word that McCarver's Steakhouse of Groesbeck has closed and is focusing on the Steakhouse in Kosse now.

EDC President, Mike Thompson expressed his satisfaction with the new Dollar General building that has opened on Yeagua. "It's very clean and organized like a little Walmart," stated Cynthia Farmer.

Mayor O'Docharty questioned if there were any plans for the old Dollar General building and/or any empty buildings in and around Groesbeck. Presley responded, "I have been in contact with the building owners but haven't heard any definite answers. They are aware of the empty space. It's really an unfortunate side effect of real estate pricing right now."

Mayor O'Docharty questioned if there had been any more progress on parking relief in the downtown areas. Thompson reminded that when you get several businesses around downtown areas, parking is going to be tight. O'Docharty asked if Presley could look further into the idea of leasing land downtown for parking.

"Why would we buy or lease when we have space at the corner lot, where the parkette is planned? We own that already,” Matthew Dawley inquired.

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