• Journal photo/Tom Hawkins
    Lea Ann Bate is shown speaking to the Groesbeck Lions Club on the use of the spot vision machine.

Groesbeck Lions Club hears program on Spot Vision

By Tom Hawkins

The Groesbeck Lions Club heard a very interesting program on the Spot Vision machine at its meeting on Wednesday, October 25.

The speaker was Lea Ann Batey, a member of the Temple-Belton Ladies Lions Club. She is the new spot vision coordinator of District 2X-3.

The spot vision machine is a machine which can detect vision problems on an individual. After being detected with eye problems, the individual if refereed to an optometrist or eye specialist.

Several spot vision machines are located in District 2X-3. The district owns some spot vision machines. Batey encouraged Lions Club members to be trained to use the spot vision machine. Also, a local Lions Club may engage one of the district’s spot visions machines for local use from time to time.

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