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    The Limestone County Detention Center, shown here from several years ago, is being emptied of its inmates again since there have not been enough to justify the utility bills and staff costs. County Judge Daniel Burkeen said this is only a temporary move, and the facility remains certified and ready for inmates if a contract may be found.

Limestone prison to empty – for now

By Roxanne Thompson, Staff Writer

LaSalle Corrections, the company that operates the Limestone County Detention Center, which is the county-owned prison, is moving the inmates and staff from the facility to other prisons they operate for the foreseeable future.

Rumors about the change swirled Tuesday, after some LaSalle staff members were notified of the change, but LaSalle itself refused comment when contacted.

County Judge Daniel Burkeen said Tuesday that the prison is not closing down.

“They just don’t have a population right now, so they’re trying to wind down expenses until a population comes along,” he said. “They’re waiting on the federal government, their budget and all that process. They’re trying to use the staff somewhere else, some over in Waco and other places. LaSalle has to just save costs here until they get a better population.”

He said the county wants to keep the facility open and certified, noting that the prison just got re-certified after the Texas Jail Commission made a surprise inspection of the jail and prison.

Burkeen said he was assuming that all inmates would be removed and said the inmates now there were only those being held for Johnson County. 

“For 60-70 inmates, it’s not cost effective for (LaSalle), or for us, to keep that whole facility open for just a few inmates,” he said.

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