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    Sarah Hall, Emma Lewis, and Scott Parsons of the Limestone Leaders 4-H Club were speakers at the Groesbeck Lions Club on February 14.

Lions Club

By Tom Hawkins

Groesbeck Lions Club hears information about 4-H Clubs

Three members of the Limestone Leaders 4-H Club were speakers for the Groesbeck Lions Club on Wednesday, February 14.

The young people speaking were Sarah Hall, age 18; Emma Lewis, age 18; and Scott Parsons, age 17. They were accompanied by Lynn Parsons and Tami Lewis.

The three speakers gave some interesting history on the 4-H club organization. The 4-H program in the United States started about 1900. The overall goal is to encourage young people to become interested in engaging in farming and ranching.

While one of the main goals is to teach and interest young people in the various aspects of agriculture including both farming and ranch, the 4-H agenda includes other important area.

Public speaking, citizenship, and the importance of proper discipline are emphasized as well as learning good business practices and also many interesting activities.

The speakers stated that Limestone County is the home to several 4-H clubs.

Members of the 4H Clubs in Limestone County participate in a number of activities such as the Limestone County Fair and Youth Livestock Show.

It was pointed out during the presentation that Texas is the No. 1 in the presentation of 4-H scholarships to colleges and post-high school institutions of higher learning.

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