More Groesbeck Ex-Student dues reported

Submitted by Ex-Students Asso.

The Groesbeck Ex-Students Association is proud to report the following ex-students dues, donations, and memorial donations. Many of the following dues, donations and memorials were made during the recent homecoming weekend or just before homecoming. Dues ($10 per person), donations and memorial donations may be sent to Groesbeck Ex-Students Association, P. O. Box 657, Groesbeck, Texas 76642. For those giving memorial donations in memory of a classmate or friend, the Ex-Students will send an attractive card informing the bereaved family of one’s donations.

Here are the dues, donations, and memorial donations not previously published.

Donald Corbitt, 1967; deLou Pitts Corbitt, 1967; Johnny M. Wilson, 1967; Danny Hewitt, 1960,  and Hewitt also gave a  memorial in memory of Bill Smith, 1961; Dr. Gary Dossey, 1959; Rachel Barber Fowler, 1997; Robin Zeman Cable, 1980; Mark Zeman, 1982; Dale Zeman, 1986; Roseanna Cable, 2012; Sterling Cable, 2014.

Annette Rader Brannan, 1957; Keith Tilley, 1980; George Bozeman, 1968; Jack Franklin, 1965; Gloria Dick Franklin, 1965; Susan Turgeon Swick, 1983; Kailey Swick, 2012; Kevin Stone, 1979; Lisa Dugan Stone, 1980; Haley DeFriend, 2017; Roy DeFriend, 1983; Danita Phillips Brassfield, 1979; Patrice Phillips Halstone, 1980; Flint McLean, 1983; Shane McLean, 2015; Lisa Jane Stewart, 1986; Steven Cass, 1992; Bill David Sadler, 1991.

Jim Longbotham, 1967; Lauren Longbotham, 1999; Courtney Longbotham, 2001; Megan Lonbotham, 2003; Jim Longbotham also gave in honor and memory of Jack Faubion, Charles Laurence, Jimmy Joe Rand, Don Driscoll, Jerry Tilley and Ed Tate; Regina Cox; Mary Franklin Johnson, 1953; Brad Bennett, 1977; Craig Champion, 1965; Ulmer Hughes, 1967; Ashley Wilson Garwood, 2002, Beverly Bennett Stepp, 1974; Peggy Clewis, 1962; Rainer Clewis, 1962; Nancy Hudson Rash, 1960; Jerry Pelham, 1964; Pat Lincecum, 1965; Kathryn Nance Kilgore, 1967; Edward Kilgore, 1967.

Brenda Jackson, 1971; Alfred Jackson, 1969; Melvin West, 1967; Curt Collins, 1988; Mike Little, 1967; Deborah Jarvis Little, 1971; Kristy Henderson, 1998; Chris Henderson, 1990; Michele Coffin, 1885; Brandon Little, 2001; Fred Dawley, 1966; Kay Beaver, 1970; Nicole Dawley, 1995; Mathew Dawley, 1999.

Melissa Rampy, 1977; Cliff Rampy, 1973; Donna Wilson Mitchell, 1973; Ginger Roberts Fritz, 1972; Ron Fritz, 1966; Maxine Cox Roberts, 1942; Michael Graves; Sue Lenamond Lown, 1962; Lori Lown Rather; Lea Grantland; Sue Lown also gave memorials for Barnett Lown and Debbie Coleman Hall.

Lea Barnes Hardison, 1968; Beth Vogel Westhoff, 1986; Ron Westhoff, 1993; Kent Vogel, 1992; Steven Wilks, 2005; Barrett Myers, 2014; Blaine Myers, 2014; Lea Hardison also gave memorial contributions in memory of Huey Barnes, Mary Earl Gregory Barnes, Jim Barnes, Sharon Kilgore Barnes, and Frances Barnes Garrett.

Jo Nettles Boyd, 1954; Ray Henry Wiley; Robert Gayden, 1950; Deborah Ann Johansen, 1977.  A memorial was given in memory of Patsy Garrett Humble by Tom Hawkins.

Just a reminder that these Ex-Students dues go toward five $1,000 scholarships to give GHS graduates each spring. Any future dues will also be reported.

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