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    The Limestone County Historical Museum owns one of the switchboards that were used in the 1960s by telephone operators here in Groesbeck. See Ring, Ring! “Operator?” for details on how switchboards worked.

Ring, Ring! “Operator?”

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer

Part One of a Look Back at the Telephone Inudstry

*This is the first installment of a special series to be published in the Groesbeck Journal

With generations now in existence that don’t know a world without The Internet and smartphones, there is much that can be learned from someone who has witnessed the changes and evolution of telephones first hand.There are a handful of local citizens who have priceless memories, knowledge of and experience as phone operators from decades past, and Dorothy Medders, 93, is one of them. Her time in the telephone industry spanned 20+ years and she was working at Tom Thumb Grocery in December of 1959 when Mrs. Taylor (an integral part of the Gulf States Telephone company in Groesbeck) asked if she would be interested in working as an operator. Medders jumped at the opportunity.

“When I started, I got paid a dollar an hour, which wasn’t too bad, but some of the girls working there started for fifty cents an hour,” Medders said. “You got a penny raise every about every six months.”

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