• Scooter Kennedy with Groesbeck Mason Tom Levi at the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce banquet on January 18. Journal photo/ Alexandra Cannon

Scooter Kennedy awarded  Masons’ Community Builder Award

As presented by Tom Levi, Groesbeck Masonic Lodge #354 at the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce Banquet; Thursday, January 18, 2018. 


This prestigious award was established by the Grand Lodge of Texas so that lodges can formally recognize outstanding non-Masons who have distinguished themselves through their service to the community, local and state governments, places of worship, or to humanity at large. Community Builders are often found in service clubs, public school systems, religious activities, and all kinds of volunteer work. They are everywhere you look but often go unseen.


No organization knows the Groesbeck community quite like Groesbeck Lodge #354 because we are the oldest organization of ANY kind in Groesbeck. The Lodge was chartered in June of 1972 and has been in continuous operation since then. From time to time, we identify one Groesbeck citizen to receive the Community Builder Award. This requires a majority vote by members present at a meeting where the potential recipient is announced. As Groesbeck Lodge numbers over one hundred of Groesbeck’s leading men among its members, this is a considerable hurdle to cross for a person on their way to being a Community Builder. Even after this process, the lodge leadership still has to present the potential recipient to the statewide Grand Lodge for approval.


Finally, after the recipient has been selected and approved, an open meeting of the lodge is held in order to honor them as a Community Builder. The entire community is welcome to attend the event whether it is held in the lodge meeting hall or somewhere else around town. It is a time to celebrate the awardee as a leading Groesbeck citizen.


This year’s award goes to Scooter Kennedy, Director of the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce.


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