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Cannon: We at the Journal have reached out to Dairy Queen Managers and the Area Manager, but were unable to obtain a press release or much information about the closing of the store. You posted on Facebook about Dairy Queen closing last week and we ended up running that post as an article in our paper because it addressed many concerns of the local community. It received a lot of interaction on FB, over 180 shares and 100 comments, and you even spoke about it with KWTX Channel 10 News. What do you have to say in response to some of the comments or attention the post received?

Presley: My biggest take away from the comments? I wish more people realized that when there’s a national chain within, say, a 20 mile radius, it’s slim to none that they add another location 10 miles down the road. I think, as consumers, we focus on personal convenience not quite realizing that it’s really trade area, consumer base size, profit margins and overall investment returns that prompt corporate or franchise decisions to locate. I’m trying to figure out what can be done to communicate that better.

As the attention goes, in a single word - Wow!?! About 24,000 people laid eyes on that thing from all kinds of places. I got a handful of new business leads to work as well. I’d honestly just hoped to get the real story out to the people in Groesbeck. The rest was completely unexpected but I’m glad it happened. Off camera, I was able to share a lot about the town and the downtown momentum that’s stirring. As a result, Channel 10 wants to come back to cover the mural paintings and asked to be kept in the loop on the corner Parkette development - hopefully to cover that as well. The news crew even ended up staying in town for dinner, doing their editing from a table at Kamdan’s. I never expected all that but I’ll take it and run with it.


Cannon: The EDC is a resource for local businesses, supporting growth & expansion efforts, nurturing new development and fostering a business friendly environment in Groesbeck. How does the work you do with and for local businesses differ from the help you offer other local businesses through investments (like Kamdan’s)?

Presley: One is a lot more fun than the other! On the investment side, things are super regulated. Those cases are tricky because it’s got to make sense at a risk vs return level for us, legitimately help the business and be an overall plus for the community. We literally try to orchestrate a win-win-win. Unlike a typical investment though, our return isn’t directly financial. It’s better for the community that our return is a resulting business that provides or improves some type of needed amenity or service. We also look at potential effect on sales tax income and jobs with livable wages. Bonus if it influences real estate improvement. It ends up being a lot of impact analysis, legalese, dotting i’s and crossing t’s with contractual obligation and state mandate accountability. Definitely more to it than what meets the eye.

The other side is much more service oriented and on-the-fly problem solving....

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