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Cannon: So talk to me about this social media workshop. Last time we talked you said it was going to be in February but were still working on the details. What have you got planned?

Presley: It's going to be February 13th at 9:30 a.m. It will be downtown at Kamdan's Cafe' and we're going to make use of those big screens they got in there for the presentation. It's a really nice setup. Breakfast will be served and Chamber members will be encouraged and allowed to come for free. For walk-ins or any other interested people, business owners, patrons, it’s only going to be five bucks. Everyone that shows up is going to get a free gift. There will be prizes throughout and they will be very useful prizes. It'll be really cool.


Cannon: What kind of social media platforms are you going to be covering?

Presley: We're going to focus on Facebook first and foremost. It's the most widely used and it has the biggest audience. It’s the one that 95 percent of people on the business side and clients are on, so I think it's going to be the most important one to cover. As I'm looking around town, I just see an opportunity to start people on it or help people use it better. It's virtually a free form of advertisement that's in everyone's pocket, so it only makes sense that we use it to the best of our ability as a community.


Cannon: Is there a way that people need to sign up or can they just show up?

Presley: No, there will be an RSVP required. I'll get an ad in the paper next week and you'll start seeing the Facebook advertisements show up. We will be asking everyone to RSVP because there are food and prizes involved so we'll need a headcount.


Cannon: I know it's still a little bit farther off, but in April there is going to be a hospitality workshop. What's the difference in the goal of this workshop and that workshop?

Presley: This workshop is going to be completely social media. It’s going to be finding your audience, improving awareness, engaging your audience and tools that help people create better content and pull it off more consistently. The one coming up in April is actually by Texas Hospitality. I won't be instructing that one, it will be Amy Freeman from small business development. That one is going to be more front side client service.


Cannon: So how a business interacts with customers?

Presley: Yes. The idea is to cover the social media so it’s like 'hey, gain some awareness, get some people in your business' and then with the hospitality workshop, follow up and help you improve your service level once you get ‘em there. The plan is to follow that one with a third one that goes into a different space of marketing. We'll see kind of what the needs are and how this first one plays out. Right now I'm thinking that we'll talk about integrating into other social media platforms or even cover some advanced topics, but my goal is to hold a workshop per quarter for a year.


Cannon: Some people don't really know who to ask for business help or what they need to change but with these workshops, they can learn more about that. That should probably encourage them to kind of get out and get involved and make those changes.

Presley: Absolutely. And I think I think it always works better when you have more than one person doing it. If they learn together they become each other's resources and they become each other's supporters. If everyone's putting out good content, you get more people sharing more content. And underneath it all, I would like to be in a place where I can help the Chamber provide more value to their Chamber members because those are natively our more active and involved businesses. The Chamber at a functional level is really involved in business retention and helping businesses get better, so that is kind of an arm of what Economic Development does. It only makes sense that we partner in that way.


Cannon: Have you led workshops similar to this one before?

Presley: I've done a few similar to this one. The only workshops I've done here in Groesbeck similar to this would be private ones. That will be my first kind of public one here. The most recent one was actually at one of those CETA (Central East Texas Alliance) functions. I did a two-hour marketing workshop to other economic developers, city leadership, and we were talking about marketing cities. And when we did, the concept of it was, I fuse what I know from startup marketing and helped those guys apply it to their cities and their localities. It was really about the role of guerrilla marketing, which is about doing things new and different and on a lower budget, to get the word out and to get eyes because, in any and every small town, one of the problems become everyone does fliers, well fliers start to blend in. Everyone does the Facebook post, well after a while that gets lost in the minutia as well. So what a lot of startups have to do is figure out how to do something new and different but because they're starts ups and they're bootstrapping, they have to figure out how to do it incredibly cost-effectively. But you know at the end of the day the concept really mesh and meld very well.

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