Time with Tom

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer

Time with Tom

An interview between Staff Writer Alexandra Cannon and Editor Emeritus Tom Hawkins

Alex: How has the local July 4th Celebration changed over the years?

Tom: I think we've always had some kind of local celebration or observance of the 4th of July.

Right after World War II, Fourth of July was a big thing to everybody, you know, 'we won the war'. It seemed like July 4 was really observed in a very patriotic way. Not that it isn't now, but you know, we had just gone through World War II. At that time, in the early 1940s, Fort Parker State Park was real new and in '46 and '47, they had boat races there on the fourth of July. I was so young back then and I don't remember much, but it drew such big crowds. You know how you drive into Fort Parker State Park from highway 14? There was such a big crowd that they were parked all the way to the highway from inside the park, and people were having to walk miles to get in.

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