• Photo by Alexandra Cannon, Groesbeck Journal
    Nearly 30 people were in attendance for the “Facebook Marketing for the Small Town Business, Tools, Tips and Tactics for winning customers online” workshop led by TK Presley at Kamdan’s Café on Tuesday, February 13.

TK Presley Leads Facebook Workshop for Local Businesses

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Reporter

Nearly 30 people met at Kamdan’s Café Tuesday morning for a social media workshop led by Groesbeck Economic Development Director TK Presley. Titled Facebook Marketing for the Small Town Business, Tools Tips and Tactics for winning customers online, the hour-long session informed business owners how to effectively use Facebook to reach more consumers, and everyone left with a thorough packet of notes, an insulated cup, and a full belly thanks to the breakfast provided by Kamden’s.  The workshop was attended by several locals, as well as people from Mexia, Fairfield and Corsicana, and each person had a nameplate with their name and the name of his or her respective business.

Presley broke her content into segments for easier understanding by all present, from those who try to run their business from a personal page (a big no no), to experienced Facebook users who are familiar with pinning posts and effectively boosting high-performing posts. She talked about why you should use Facebook as much as possible, the lay of the land, what makes for an effective page, how to become content royalty, and boosting for maximum value.

Throughout the workshop, several raised questions about things they had been doing to promote their business on Facebook, and Presley used several examples of businesses using Facebook successfully and those who could use some pointers. She addressed the AIDA Principle of Marketing and explained how to apply it to Facebook posts for your business, and explained how the algorithm Facebook uses functions.

Overall, the workshop showed new skills and techniques to users that could be applied immediately.

“I could not have been happier with the way the event turned out. The audience was engaged, excited to be there & brought up awesome questions. My goal was to have every attendee - no matter their experience level - walk away having learned something. That goal was met,” Presley said. “The Kamdan’s crew was on point with service and food and it was cool to be able to use their big screen. I also have to extend a special nod of gratitude to City teammate, Emily Freel- she lent an indispensable assist in pulling off a flawless event. Going forward, I hope to be able to provide this type of value to our business owners at least quarterly.”

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