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By Tom Hawkins

Ken Givens, the new president of the Groesbeck Chamber of Commerce, was the speaker for the weekly meeting of the Groesbeck Lions Club last week.

Givens, who is also a member of the local Lions Club, pointed out several opportunities to help the Groesbeck area grow. He cited the importance of tourism and the treasure that the area has in Old Fort Parker.

Givens also gave a brief history on the Chamber of Commerce organizations around the world. He also open the floor for discussion on how to improve the Groesbeck area.


Larry Smith sent yours truly an email that he saw the famed movie, “Walking Tall”, on television recently. Groesbeck’s own Joe Don Baker was the star of “Walking Tall”.  Joe Don Baker grew up in Groesbeck and graduated from Groesbeck High School in 1954. Joe Don and Larry were neighbors and very good friends.

“Walking Tall” drew huge crowds when it was shown at the Limestone Theatre in Groesbeck. The Limestone Theatre was owned and operated by Larry’s parents, Bernice and Sid Smith. Larry often states that he was raised in a picture show. The Limestone Theatre was in business from 1934 to 1972. Longbotham Furniture is now located in the building that once housed the Limestone Theatre.


Here’s another reminder to be sure to register to vote to participate in the elections of 2018!

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