Garry Dossey for School Board, District 5 Position

Submitted by Dr. Garry Dossey

To the residents of the Groesbeck Independent School District:  My name is Dr. Garry Dossey and I am a candidate for the school board for District 5.  I would like first to introduce myself and then to tell you of some of my views on educational issues.


I was born and raised near Groesbeck on a little sharecropper cotton farm with my sister Betty and twin brother Larry.  Larry and I graduated valedictorian and salutatorian from Groesbeck High School and then attended the University of Texas at Austin where we earned degrees in pharmacy and where I was president of my senior class.  We then attended medical school and dental school, respectively, and since that time I have had dental practices in Garland, Mexia, and Waco. Also during that time I served on the Groesbeck School Board as member and president, and was board representative to, and president of, the Limestone County Appraisal District its first year of existence. 


I was also an assistant professor at the University Of Texas School Of Dentistry at the Health Science Center in Houston and served my country in the 136 Tactical Air Command Hospital, Texas Air National Guard, United States Air Force and was honorably discharged with the rank of major.


After retirement last year my wife Jane and I moved to Groesbeck to be near children and grandchildren.  We attend First Baptist Church in Groesbeck.


If elected to the school board I would espouse the following views:


  1. I believe the main job of a school board is to ensure that every graduate has been taught the skills needed to live a successful life after they leave high school. 


  1. I do not believe it is the job of the school board to micromanage the small daily affairs of the district but, in cooperation with the superintendent, to make broad policy and to expect that policy to be carried out.


  1. I believe that good principals are the quarterbacks of the school district and are absolutely necessary for a successful campus.


  1. I believe classroom teachers hold the future of our country in their hands because of the profound influence they have on their students.  They should be honored, respected, and fairly paid.


  1. I believe parents have the right to educate their children as they choose in private, public, or home schools but that taxpayer funds should only be used for public schools.


  1. I believe that the state has utterly failed in its responsibility to adequately fund public schools and thereby placed an unfair burden on the shoulders of property owners.  Our representatives should be directly told that we will work to replace them unless they work to fix the problems they have created.


  1. I believe sports and other extracurricular activities play an essential part in the development of all of our students and not just those who wear a uniform.  School sports unite our entire city and bind one generation of students to another in terms of tradition and common experience.  The greatest honor I ever received was earning a red athletic jacket for baseball when I was a freshman at GHS.  It still hangs in my closet.


  1. I believe every student who graduates from GHS should have a basic understanding of our country’s founding history, its documents, and of their responsibility for good citizenship.


  1. I do not believe that teachers should promote partisan political views in the classroom.


I honor the accomplishments of the present school board and am aware of the problems they have had to deal with.  In a spirit of cooperation with them and the new superintendent I would appreciate the chance to move our district forward to even greater success.  Our students deserve nothing less.


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