Letter the Editor

Submitted by Anonymous

Friday, July 20, 2018, I was witness to something I thought was worth sharing. Three fire fighters with Groesbeck VFD sat down for lunch at Kamdan's Cafe. They'd already been brought part of their order and the rest was soon to come out.

Then a car started smoking at the red light outside. The driver turned his 4-way flashers on, hopped out, and popped the hood. The smoke continued to pour out.

The fire fighters immediately got up and walked out to help. As seen in the attached picture, they helped the gentlemen driver push his car to the side street and out of the road way.

Afterwards, one of the firefighters helped the driver to find a place to take the car for the issues it was having.

The three fire fighters were Capt. Brad Severns, Capt. Kody Daniel, and Fire Fighter James Coleman.


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