Letter to the Editor

Tom Lockwood

50 Years Observing Public Education in Groesbeck, Fort Worth and America


My name is Tom Lockwood. I have no personal agenda in the upcoming school board or school bond election. My only concern is that each student at GISD and every public school gets as good of an education as I received. That is not happening as often as it should. All school boards are mandated by the Department of Education to do and not to do many things that contribute to less effective teaching. I have tremendous respect for all teachers, this is not their fault. Whatever the reasons, the results at GISD are below average as found at every source I found on the internet. Google it yourself, you need to know what our kids are getting for your tax dollars spent. According to school digger.com, GISD is ranked 1,127th out of the 1,692 high schools in Texas. We are in the bottom third. The same rating is found at all sources of rating. We have spent a fortune on buildings and facilities. It does not appear that this spending has translated into academic success. If anything it seems the more we spend the less our kids are learning.                                               

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