Letter to the Editor about Hurricane Harvey

Dear Editor,

On Aug. 25, Hurricane Harvey went from a Category 2 to a Category 4 within 24 hours. Residents of the Texas coast began to evacuate ahead of the projected path. Over 50 of those displaced people ended up in Groesbeck, staying in our local hotels or with families. Groesbeck residents sprang into action, collecting relief supplies and providing hot meals each evening. Area restaurants provided meals, local business bought meals, and volunteers from our community prepared barbecue. Countless people contributed either service or items for transport down to the affected areas.

One of the displaced was an insurance agent named Erika Pol. She came north from Porter, near Houston, when the evacuation order came. The outpouring of support, both material and emotional, touched her and her family greatly. She quickly formed relationships with many of the volunteers, and contacted them when she was able to return to Porter. As an agent, she was dealing with many people affected by the flooding. She identified that there was a need for supplies, and contacted her friends in Groesbeck. On Sept. 5, a trailer-load of supplies was delivered to her offices in Porter. Working with area charities, she dispensed the items where they could do the most good.

Groesbeck continues to collect relief items and stay in contact with our new friends as they go back to assess the impact that Harvey had on their lives. The response to our neighbor’s plight doesn’t surprise anyone here, but it so touched some of the affected families that they have decided to re-locate to Groesbeck. What a great testimony to the citizens of our town.

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By Russ Foster

General Manager of Insurance Licensing Services of America, Inc.

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