Letter to the Editor: ASATR Loss

Danny Spurlock

Dear Editor,

I understand that with the loss of ASATR the school district administrators want to cut teacher salaries. I thought of a case study on Alonzo G. Decker, Sr. of Black & Decker.

Alonzo G. Decker, Jr. had graduated from Cornell University in 1929 with a BSEE and began working for Black & Decker. The Great Depression hit every company in the US; and by 1930 Mr. Decker Sr. had to face cutting employees. Alonzo Decker, Sr. first cut the salaries of upper management. When that was not enough, he cut the salaries of mid-management in order to keep the employees who made the actual products. This only delayed the lay-offs. At the end of 1930 he was faced with laying off people. Mr. Decker Sr. did not start with the hourly employees but with management. His own son, A. Decker, Jr. was the first to be laid off since he was one of the last hired.

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