The Thompson Perspective

Don’t blame The Present for The Past and expect The Future to change

By Marion Thompson


Some might be angered by the comments in this article, but I implore you to reserve judgement until you have read it all in context.

My wife received a Facebook message the other day from a black, or African American, pastor friend in this area expressing outrage about a video he wanted passed on, showing a white police officer mistreating a black man. The comment, “They done did it again,” opened the note and declared “this is how all white police officers see us.” First of all, there is no doubt that this officer acted badly and was most probably racially motivated. He should be investigated and prosecuted if the video is accurate.

The note to my wife, however, used extreme vulgarity to address the reader, directed at whites and females in particular, and she wrote him back objecting to his speaking to her this way. He replied that those were not his words but that he had “only forwarded” the video. She and I believe him, but his allowing the vulgarity to remain did not exercise the better part of discretion on his part. I personally like this pastor – and still do – and will refrain from mentioning him by name.

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