The Thompson Perspective

By Marion Thompson

Homeschooling: A Wise Choice?

In an era of abandoned, abused and aborted children, I was thrilled to see a common thread surface at the graduation ceremonies for home-schoolers conducted last month at First Baptist Church in Fairfield. Seven students, five female and two male, graduated in a heartwarming and inspirational ceremony.

As the soon-to-be graduates were introduced by their respective parents, two common themes immediately emerged. One was the love and pride of the parents, with occasional outbursts of tears, as they shared memories of their son’s or daughter’s life. One mother said that her daughter was also her best friend. Another mother had difficulty sharing the accomplishments of her daughter amidst a constant flood of tears, even though she was reading from a printed page. One father expressed his anticipated difficulty of speaking about his daughter and said he hoped he could control his emotions. In short, the love of the parents was quite evident as they spoke in glowing terms of the graduating students.

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