The Goat and the Cats How the Battle of the River Began

By Donte Asberry

Once upon a time, long ago around the early 1900s, there was a goat named Groesbeck and two black cats named My and Hair. The goat and black cats were the best of friends. They all three lived on a farm with other animals. It was a very poor farm, where the animals didn’t have much to eat.

One day the Groesbeck Goat said “I’m tired of being hungry. I’m leaving to find something to eat.” His best friends My and Hair begged the goat to let them come along. So Groesbeck said “Okay, since y’all are my best friends, y’all can come with me.”

The three started off on their long journey. They walked for five days and nights, not finding any food. Their luck would change the next night on Friday, October 13, 1902.

Hungry and tired with his friends asleep, the goat slammed his shovel into the ground in disgust. He slammed it down so hard that oil started shooting up into the air. The goat began shouting “I’m rich! I’m rich! I’m rich!”

The two black cats, My and Hair, woke up and saw Groesbeck the goat singing and dancing about being rich. This made My and Hair very jealous. They formulated a plan to attack their friend, so they got the goat down, beat him and tied him up somewhere off in the woods.

The next day, the two black cats claimed their prize money from the oil. As people and animals heard about the new rich area, they settled in and named it Mexia after the two famous black cats.

Meanwhile, the goat found a way to escape. After he got loose, he travelled south. He then became very tired and thought of a way to travel quicker. So he built a big engine. After he’d gotten about 12 miles south, he ran into a group of travelers who were fascinated by his big engine. They convinced the goat to start a train business giving rides. He did, and became very successful. People and animals came from all over and settled in. They named the new town Groesbeck after the famous goat.

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