Meet the Goats

By Sean Turgeon

It was not a boring Monday night here in Groesbeck. All of the day's eclipse excitement continued at Meet the Goats. People at Groesbeck Stadium enjoyed sandwiches and recognizing the Groesbeck High School band, and fall sports teams: cross country, tennis,volleyball, cheerleaders, trainers and football. Special thanks to Mark Smith Sr. for holding the inflatable goat so it did not blow away. Proud parents watched their kids march onto the field and represent the Groesbeck spirit. Hats off to everyone who made it happen. I have attended two functions now and there is always food. Watermelon was served at the first scrimmage game and now sandwiches, chips and cookies were available at Meet the Goats. What is this? When I was in school we never had events with food. On away games, we ate a chicken fried steak, mashed potatoes and green beans from a local resaturant in town. Then we were thrown on a bus, off to whatever game stuffed like a tick. I felt like we had to win for meal like that. GHS really knows how to bring people together in a fellowship type of manner. Lots of proud parents were displaying their red and white for their kids while the band played on. A great way to meet, greet, and eat on a Monday night!

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