Thornton Chamber of Commerce elects new officials,

Discusses need for change

By Alexandra Cannon, Staff Writer


Thornton Chamber of Commerce President Traci Hughes called the meeting to order at 6:29 p.m., and announced the focus of the meeting would be electing new officials and having members, old and new, pay dues for the year.

“Our bylaws are from 1972, and they are very, very outdated,” said Hughes. “They were updated in 2013, but they weren’t updated through the state of Texas, so we have to go off of the ‘72 bylaws.”

Bylaws for each town’s Chamber of Commerce vary and are agreed upon by elected officials, dictating how the Chamber functions. According to Thornton Chamber’s official bylaws, elected officials are not required to live in Thornton, though the updated version that was never sent to the state proposed changing the bylaws to require elected officials to live in Thornton.

“The reason they wanted to change that was because back in the day, before any of our time, we had so many people from Houston and Dallas that were members and they weren’t here tend to stuff,” said Parliamentarian Carla Robinson. “That’s why they said you had to live in Thornton to be a board member. We had 40+ members in Houston.”

The two nominations for President were Gigi Gill and Randy Franklin, and all members present voted, resulting in a tie. After discussion by both parties and all members, it was decided that Randy Franklin would hold the President position, and Gigi Gill would become Vice President. The full listing of elected positions are as follows:


2018 Chamber of Commerce

President: Randy Franklin

Vice President: Gigi Gill

Secretary: Traci Hughes

Assistant Secretary: Renee Mills

Treasurer: Carla Robinson

Assistant Treasurer: Melissa Hewitt
Parliamentarian: Lori Rather


After all the elected officials were named, the board assigned members to various committees.

Melissa and Walter Hewitt will be in charge of the Grounds Committee, Randy Franklin and Traci Hughes will head up the Dance Committee, Traci Hughes and Carla Robinson will oversee the Rodeo Committee, Diane Ne will handle the Concessions Committee, and finally, Gigi Gill and Pam Armstrong will run the Advertising/Signs Committee. These people will be in charge of planning, but will still need volunteers for various projects hosted by the Chamber and enlist help from other members.

The Chamber briefly discussed plans regarding Homecoming, the $10k Dinner Giveaway, and the Civic Center of Thornton that will open soon, but more comprehensive plans will be made and discussed at future meetings.

“We have to change. If we bring our personal issues in here and we don’t work as a team, it's going to cause issues,” said Hughes. “If you come in here with the attitude of ‘we’ve got to keep this the way it's always been because this is the way Thornton has always been,’ we’re never going to grow.”

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