Thornton Senior News

By Jane Carpenter

Attendance was off by a few this week but those enjoying the butterbeans and ham, greens, cornbread and pudding were Raye Spivey, Sandra Spivey, Elizabeth Neason, Jane Carpenter,

Helen Harvey, Alma McCurry, Alta Hyden, Ernestine Audd, Wayne Sharp, Pat Jones, Ann Carr, Sue Wood, Fonetta Simmons, Ell Staniszewski and Janice Bilbrey, Site Mgr. Sorry to hear of the loss of Glenda Gambini's son and we extend our sincere sympathy to her and her family.

Bobbie Reynolds, having dental work done, now word from Wilma Lee and Neennah German being absent today, were truly missed as well as Ann Brown, Jack Thompson, and Linda Taylor. We hope everyone will be back with us next week as we celebrate with our Thanksgiving lunch.

Menu will be Turkey & dressing, broccoli & cauliflower, calico corn, rolls & sweet potato pie and Jane Carpenter's buttermilk pies by request. Come join us and if you're a newcomer and want to join please call Janice at 203-2769 a day ahead of time so we will be sure and have enough food. All seniors are welcome and we would love to have you join us each week.

We played 7 games of Bingo and talking about one lucky person but Ernestine Audd won 3 of those games, Alma McCurry won 2, Alta Hyden won 1 and Wayne Sharp won the blackout game. Had lots of fun playing these games. The volunteer LMC ladies Ann and Sue called bingo and brought the prizes and we appreciate them doing this for us each week.

Prayers for those in the nursing homes, we miss you.

Thanks to Central Baptist Church and to Joe Neason for the ice and glad to hear Joe is now home from hospital.

Hope to see all of you Thursday, Nov. 16th for lunch. Bring a friend.

Thank you to all Veterans and their families for the sacrifices made for our freedom

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