Thornton Senior News

By Jane Carpenter

As Christmas draws nearer and nearer, fifteen seniors and one visitor, stopped what they were doing and came to Senior Citizens day Thursday the 14th, to enjoy the fellowship of being together. Those joining were Helen Harvey, Alma McCurry, Raye Spivey, Sandra Spivey, Bobbie Reynolds, Elizabeth Neason, Linda Taylor, Wayne Sharp, Wilma Lee, Neenah German,

Ernestine Audd, Glenda Gambini, Fonetta Simmons, Janice Bilbrey, our guest Tammy Ramsey from Home Health and myself. Happy to report Linda Watson is once again home from the hospital.

Seems the shopping is winding down now as Christmas is drawing closer and closer. The children are getting excited about Santa coming, yet once again. Let us be mindful of the true meaning of Christmas and teach our children the story of Baby Jesus.

Menu for the next meal is: Irish stew, mixed green salad/dressing, crackers and pistachio fluff

The workers on the new Civic Center have really been working hard to try and get the center ready for Santa to make his visit there, but seems that it WILL NOT be ready in time for Santa to come there this year. We are so looking forward to the completion in the very near future.

I happened to be the lucky winner at bingo this week having won a game and then the blackout and other winners were, Alma McCurry, Neenah German two games and Glenda Gambini a game.

The nice prizes were furnished by Home Health and Tammy Ramsey and Elizabeth Neason called Bingo. Thanks ladies. Thanks to Central Baptist Church for meeting place and Joe Neason for the ice.

Please come join us.

Merry Christmas to all and a Happy New Year.


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