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Our participants for the lunches this week were down to 12 as two had tested positive for COVID-19, two more were out for doctors appointments. In fact, I’ve heard of several cases of COVID-19 in and around Thornton. Prayers are extended to all of you for a quick recovery. Just a reminder to everyone to take precautions concerning this virus. I also got news of someone having the flu, so I guess the flu season is upon us as well.

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Even though the COVID-19 virus is still affecting the local area as well as many other places in the Central Texas area, autumn activities are still taking place.

Kosse FallFest Street Dance to be held

The Kosse Community Center will be hosting a “FallFest Street Dance” on Saturday, October 10, 2020, starting at 8 PM in downtown Kosse. Featured bands will be The Gordon Collier Band and West favorite Donna Beckham. Tickets are just $12 and coolers are welcome. Bring your chairs, masks, and maintain social distancing so that everyone can enjoy the evening and stay safe. Proceeds benefit the non-profit Kosse Community Center and its programs. Call 254-375-2212 for more information.

Thornton Senior News

We were down a few in numbers this past week but hopefully, everyone is well and will be able to get their lunches. Bill and Elizabeth Neason were at the doctor’s office which seems to be what we Senior Citizens do a lot of these days. Hope all goes well with them. Those able to drop by for lunches were Joe and Betty Reynolds, Roger and Linda Watson, Hank and Elle Staniszewski, Gayla Lind, Earl Mask. Fonetta Simmons, Neennah German, Ann brown, Donna Lloyd, Janice Bilbrey, and myself. Hats off to Janice Bilbrey and her helpers, Donna Lloyd and Ann Brown each week for being at the church to hand out our food to everyone. Thank you goes out to Bush Fried Chicken for our cups, lids, and straws each week and to Texas Home Health for the masks and fountain pens.


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