Tom’s Topics

The COVID-19 situation is still active in many areas. Everyone is especially urged to wear one’s facemask when shopping, out in public or in large gatherings. Experts on the coronavirus urge social distancing as well as wearing a facemask to help stop the spread.

Thornton Senior News

Fifteen lunches were served out from the Center in Thornton on Thursday to Bill and Elizabeth Neason, Elle and Hank Staniszewski, Roger and Linda Watson, Neennah German, Ann Brown, Donna Lloyd, Earl Mask, Fonetta Simmons, Gayla Lind, Geri Levassar, Janice Bilbrey, site manager and myself. Lunches have been better than usual these past few weeks and we thank the cooks in Groesbeck Center for preparing the food.

Tom’s Topics

The coronavirus still appears to be the No. 1 topic in the news. Fall events could certainly be affected by the virus. Please wear your face mask in public places.

Shepherds Sayings

Jesus met a man who had sat beside the “Pool of Bethesda for thirty-eight years.” (See the complete story in John 5:1-15) He exploded this man’s private world with the question, “Do you want to get well?” (v: 6). The Lord was probing for his heart’s deepest desire. I know, to some, Jesus’ question seems out of place, but look around you and listen to people talk. There are many who do not want to get well. Rather, they parade their problems and illness like a prize-winning trophy. Face it, some people like the security of being sick.


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