What it means to be a Patriot

After reflecting on world events of the past two weeks I have done some soul searching and asked myself some serious questions about what it takes to be a Patriot and could I measure up to the standards of being a true Patriot. A Patriot is a person that vigorously loves his or her country and is prepared to sacrifice all to defend it against all enemies and usurpers even if it means his or her life. How does one reconcile the thought of what most would call suicide when the basic human instinct is survival? It would take a person of strong character, iron will and a determination to protect his or her country and its people.

Democracy Versus Republic

With all the turmoil in the world today there is so much confusion on what the differences between a Democracy and a Republic are. I remember my grandfather telling me that the difference is that a Democracy is two coyotes and a chicken voting on what to have for lunch. A Republic, he went on to say, is a well-armed chicken challenging the vote.


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