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I often eat lunch with a group of downtown buddies. Last meeting, we discussed our dating years.

Thornton Senior News

Since I wasn’t at the Center on Thursday, I don’t have a lot to report except those present. Janice Bilbrey, our site manager who does a fantastic job, Ann Brown who is there helping her get set up each week, Roger and Sharon Watson, Snuffy Bennett, Jo Ann Archer, Sue and Woody Wood, Elizabeth Neason, Gayla Lind, Sammy Cooper Earl Mask, Alma McCurry, Wayne Sharp, Vicky Vaughn, and Neennah German, were having a good time. Never think that the things you do each week to make this possible goes unnoticed, because it doesn’t and we seniors appreciate each kindness shown.

Tom’s Topics

The thoughts and prayers of everyone are with the people of Uvalde, Texas, following the very tragic shooting in that community last week. The Uvalde community and area will be in everyone’s thoughts and prayers in the days ahead.


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