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We were so blessed again this week with seventeen Seniors beginning with Janice Bilbrey our faithful Center Hostess each week. Janice goes above and beyond seeing that the center is open and food is received from Groesbeck. The food is then kept at the right temperature, etc. She decorates the tables, etc. She assists those who need it when coming in and out of the building. Just let me say she does everything there is to be done to make our Seniors feel welcome at the Center. We do appreciate everything you do Janice. Others here Thursday were Gayla Lind, Lorene Stembridge who was back from Country Music Cruise (seems she had a blast), Elizabeth Neason, Roger and Sharon Watson, Sammy Cooper, Alma Stewart, Snuffy Bennett, Vicky Vaughn, Sandy Bondell, Wayne Sharp, Hank Staniszewski, Earl Mask, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond and myself.

Tom’s Topics

The annual Easter Morning Service at Big Hill will be held again this year. The event will start at 7 a.m. The Big Hill Easter Service has been a long-standing event in Limestone County and the surrounding area.


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