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Groesbeck Council Talks Budget, Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Groesbeck Council Talks Budget, Stage 3 Water Restrictions

Like other elected bodies this month, the Groesbeck City Council spent a considerable portion of their August meeting discussing the tax rate and the budget for the fiscal year 2022-2023, which begins Sept. 1. Though Deputy Mayor Pro Tem Kim Harris was not in attendance for the meeting on Tuesday, August 16, business continued as usual and City Administrator Chris Henson provided the Council with a breakdown of the proposed budget, outlining increases and decreases in various departments.

‘What the Flock’

‘What the Flock’

“Frank Alteri on Yeagua has just been flocked,” reported Sarah Greathouse in a Groesbeck Journal news tip. “I think it’s awesome… Frank is a very interesting character, he’s the one that has a really nice garden out in front of his house and he’s been remodeling his house for years now,” stated Greathouse. “He’s also the founder of our local group of Narcotic Anonymous (NA) and has been helping addicts in this community for years.”

Thornton Senior News

In spite of all this hot and extremely dry weather, we had seventeen seniors out for lunch, etc. on Thursday. Janice Bilbrey, Ann Brown, Woody and Sue Wood, Sammy Cooper, Lorene Stembridge, Roger and Sharon Watson, Elizabeth Neason, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond, Earl Mask, Alma McCurry, Hank and Elle Staniszewski, Wayne Sharp and myself were present. Several were out for various reasons but Wilma Lee for sure was having fun on a cruise. Hope she plays some bingo on the trip, since she’s been so lucky here. We need prayer for Neennah German in Providence Hospital, Sandy Blondell in Providence (heart attack), Gayla Lind (cancer treatment). I’m sure there are others but I don’t have their names. One other that needs special prayers at this time is Michael Carter and his family. We pray for God’s special healing miracle for him. Michael is our own Elizabeth Neason’s grandson.


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