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Thornton Senior Citizens News

Old man winter just keeps hanging on but we have certainly been blessed with rain and so nice to see most of the tanks filled to capacity. A total of 19 seniors gathered again Thursday and had an enjoyable gathering. Those present were Fonetta Simmons, Earl Mask, Wayne Sharp, Denise, Helen Harvey, Wilma Lee, Geri Levassar, Elizabeth Neason, Bobbie Reynolds, Lorene Stembridge, Alma McCurry, Donna Lloyd, Ann Brown, Gayla Lind, Elle and Hank Staniszewski, Pat Jones, Site Manager Janice Bilbrey and myself.

Thornton Senior Citizens News

Love is in the air, getting very close to Valentines Day. Hope everyone remembers their very special Valentine! A total of 17 seniors gathered on Thursday for lunch and fellowship. Those being together were Linda Taylor, Wayne Sharp, Lorene Stembridge , Anita Andrews, Wilma Lee, Earl Mask, Donna Lloyd, Geri Lavessar, Fonetta Simmons, Alma McCurry, Ann Brown, Sue Wood, Gayla Lind, Helen Harvey, Linda and Roger Watson, and Site Manager Janice Bilbrey. Those with doctors appointments were Elizabeth Neason, Elle and Hank Staniszewski, Bobbie Reynolds, dentist and I went with my friend, Alb Seale to Dr. Several others weren’t present but don’t know reasons. Maybe we will all be back together next week. Was reported to me by Janice that everyone had an enjoyable day. Menu for coming week will be Salisbury steak, broccoli, rice pilaf, wheat bread and dirt dessert. Please let Janice know of your intentions of being here or not for lunch at 254-203-2769. Bingo winners were Alma McCurry, Earl Mask, Gayla Lind, Wayne Sharp and Anita Andrews, all winning one game each. Earl Mask won the Blackout Bingo Prize. Congratulations! A little bird told me that Kay Alston is planning on being at our meeting Thursday, Feb. 20, to announce her campaign for City Council Woman of Thornton and say a few words about her thoughts about the future of the City of Thornton. Everyone interested in hearing her speak is invited to come and hear what she has to say. Thanks to all who help in any way concerning the Senior Citizens, not just in Thornton, but the entire County of Limestone. We have a long waiting list of Senior Citizens who are, want and need to be on the Meals on Wheels program and need meals delivered to their homes. Lack of funds, transportation and volunteers at this point are keeping us from fulfilling the needs of all those. Any contribution you can make toward this goal would certainly be appreciated. Thought: We live in a wonderful world that is full of beauty, charm and adventure. There is no end to the adventures that we can have if only we seek them with our eyes open.

Thornton Senior Citizens News

Despite there being sleet and snow on the ground this morning, we had 17 brave the cold and come to Senior Citizens. Everyone seemed to be enjoying themselves and enjoyed the food prepared in Groesbeck and sent to us. Sue Wood brought a bowl of fresh strawberries dipped in chocolate and some chocolate cover pretzels to be enjoyed by all. Thanks Sue. We also celebrated Pat Jones birthday but never did hear him divulge how many birthdays! Hope he has many more. Those present were Donna Lloyd, Pat Jones, Janice Bilbrey, Sue Wood, Bobbie Reynolds, Alma McCurry, Helen Harvey, Earl Mask, Lorene Stembridge and her daughter-in-law Janet Stembridge from Burleson, Geri Levassar, Elizabeth Neason, Wilma Lee, Gayla Lind, Wayne Sharp, Don Sadler, a driver of the bus from Center, and myself. We had bingo winners for sure today. Those winning were Lorene Stembridge, Jane Carpenter, Pat Jones, Alma McCurry, Wilma Lee, Earl Mask, and the blackout winners were Janet Stembridge, Lorene Stembridge, Wilma Lee and Jane Carpenter. Some were two and three-time winners. Thanks to Sue Wood for calling our bingo games. Maybe can get back to some regular programming on our TVs now that the Trump Impeachment is over with. I can’t believe that we’ve elected people to such important seats and they act as they do, especially when our President is making his State of the Union speech or at any other time in fact. God Bless America. Sorry I do not have the schedule of the meals for the month but will have one next week. Just come on and join us but be sure and let Janice know of your intentions by calling her at 254-203-2769.


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