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Thornton Senior News

Hats off to the Limestone Medical team of nurses who came on Thursday to give the flu shots and to the Texas Home Health Nurse, Sindra McLean for also coming. We appreciate all you do for us Seniors and others who came as well.

Thornton Senior News

The Center was all abuzz Thursday when I arrived because of the two visitors, Sheriff Murray Agnew and Deputy Shannon Rousey, were there visiting and answering questions. We appreciated them taking their time out to come sit down and have lunch with us and answering questions from the Seniors. Seniors present were Ann Brown, Neennah German, Snuffy Bennett, Alma McCurry, Fonetta Simmons, Gayla Lind, Gay McBride, Roger Watson, Elizabeth Neason, James Lenamond, Doris Lemley, Earl Mask, Elle and Hank Staniszewski and their grandson, Janice Bilbrey and myself.

Thornton Senior News

Only fifteen gathered last Thursday but it was a very lively group and had a lot of fun especially playing bingo. The winners in Bingo were going two at a time every game and Alma McCurry won two and then won the Black Out as well. Sorry, I didn’t write all the winners down and at this time I can’t remember all of them. Those kinds of remembering days are in the past and it’s called SENIOR MEMORY!


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