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Thursday found Janice Bilbrey, site manager; Ann Brown, Neennah German, Wilma Lee, Elizabeth Neason, Roger and Sharon Watson, Lorene Stembridge, Michelle Cochran from Reliant At Home Health Hospice, Earl Mask, Alma McCurry, Doris Lemley, Buddy Lenamond, Wayne Sharp and Myself, gathering for another day of food, fun and fellowship.

Thornton Senior News

We had a good turn out for lunch Thursday, June 30, even though it was sandwiches. We had plenty of extras for the day. Donated eggs and tomatoes by Candise Neal who believes in sharing whole heartedly. Lettuce by Ann Brown, Janice Bilbrey brought watermelon, Lorene Stembridge brought two dozen cupcakes and I brought sliced tomatoes, cantaloupes and Israel melons from my garden. We do appreciate all the donations.


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