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Thornton Senior News

Thornton’s seniors are just so wonderful, they just keep coming back each week for our time together. Those attending last Thursday were Ann Brown, Sue and Woody Wood, Jo Ann Diamond, Snuffy Bennett, Elizabeth Neason, Fonetta Simmons, Earl Mask, Lorene Stembridge, Gayla Lind, Glenda Gambini, Ernestine Wilson Audd, and her niece, Karen Anderson, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond, Site Manager Janice Bilbrey and myself.

Thornton Senior News

Was another great day at Senior Citizens this past Thursday as we celebrated Wayne Sharp’s birthday. He got to celebrate with two chocolate birthday cakes, one was from the store and the other was specially made by a friend, Wilma Lee, and was delicious. We wish you many more Wayne. Others present were Elizabeth Neason, Neennah German, Roger and Linda Watson, Helen Harvey, Alma McCurry, Woody and Sue Wood, Lorene Stembridge, Donna Lloyd, Ann Brown, Janice Bilbrey, and myself. Was glad Linda and Roger were able to make it as she had just come from the dentist’s office after having a tooth extracted, ouch!

Thornton Senior News

The Seniors turned out again Thursday for lunch and was great to see Ann Brown, Lorene Stembridge, Neennah German, Donna Lloyd, Elizabeth Neason, Sue Wood, Wayne Sharp, Alma McCurry, Wilma Lee, Gayla Lind, Sue Gambini, Fonetta Simmons, Elle, and Hank Staniszewski, Earl Mask, Roger, and Linda Watson, and site manager, Janice Bilbrey. We hope to see all of you again Thursday, April 8th as well as others who haven’t been able to be with us.


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