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It’s nice to have someone taking care of business in your absence. Thanks to Janice Bilbrey and Lorene Stembridge I got the report on the meeting and lunch Thursday. Others present being Ann Brown, Gala Gambini, Ernie and Sherry Solis, Snuffy Bennett, Wilma Lee, Elizabeth Neason, Michele Cochran, Shari Werner, Wayne Sharp, Earl Mask, Gay Ann McBride, Doris Lemley and Sheryl Davis.

Thornton Senior News

We seem to be getting our numbers back up as we had nineteen for lunch Thursday. Those with us were Janice Bilbrey, Ann Brown, Elizabeth Neason, Roger and Sharon Watson, Doris Lemley, Snuffy Bennett, Shari Werner, Daniel Short, Ernie and Sherry Solis, Sammy Cooper, Wilma Lee, Wayne Sharp, Gala Gambini, Earl Mask, Michelle Cochran who takes our blood pressure and calls bingo, Lorene Stembridge who along with three other ladies had been to Hawaii and cruised around to all the islands, and myself. We welcomed Daniel Short as a first-time guest and hope he will continue to be with us.


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