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Thornton Senior News

Lorene Stembridge, Ann Brown, Snuffy Bennett, Sammy Cooper, Gayla Lind, Elizabeth Neason, Wilma Lee, Wayne Sharp, Earl Mask, Woody and Sue Wood, Janice Bilbrey and I, gathered together for lunch last Thursday. Our numbers were down but hopefully they will be back with us by Thursday, May 5. These months seem to be clicking fast, here it is already May.

Thornton Senior News

So pleased to report our numbers to keep holding up but still missing a few from week to week. Those here Thursday were Ann Brown, Gayla Lind, Snuffy Bennett, Wilma Lee, Roger and Sharon Watson, Alma McCurry, Elizabeth Neason, Elle, and Hank Staniszewski, Wayne Sharp, Vicky Vaughn, Sandy Bolland, Earl Mask, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond, Janice Bilbrey and myself.

Thornton Senior News

Seventeen Seniors made it to the Center for lunch Thursday. We were blessed to have Ann Brown back with us and hope she is able to continue being with us and others were Lorene Stembridge, Elizabeth Neason, Wilma Lee, Gayla Lind, Woody and Sue Wood, Hank and Elle Staniszewski and their grandson, Buddie Lenamond, Doris Lemley, Bob and Lonah Walters, Earl Mask, Alma Stewart, Janice Bilbrey and Myself. We celebrated birthdays this week with Janice Bilbrey and Lonah Walters, the honorees. Delicious and pretty cupcakes were served in their honor.


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