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Another good day and good attendance at Senior Citizens with 19 having lunch, being Ann Brown, Lorene Stembridge, Sue, and Woody Wood, Gayla Lind, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond, Snuffy Bennett, Elizabeth Neason, Wilma Lee, Wayne Sharp, Neennah German, Alma McCurry, Earl Mask, Fonetta Simmons, Hank and Elle Staniszewski, Janice Bilbrey, site mgr., and myself. Still praying for Glenda Gambini who is in hospital in Groesbeck. Also on the prayer list is Linda Watson, who has health issues and we miss you ladies.

Thornton Senior News

We keep having good attendance at Senior Citizens each week, even with a few missing this last Thursday. Reported to me that Glenda Gambini is in hospital and has had surgery and we need to remember her in prayers. We also missed Wilma Lee, Linda and Roger Watson being with us. We welcomed someone new to the fold, Mrs. Gay McBride. She was even a first time winner at Bingo and promises to be back this week. Others present were Lorene Stembridge, Elizabeth Neason, Fonetta Simmons, Snuffy Bennett, Wayne Sharp, Earl Mask, Gayla Lind, Alma McCurry, Sue and Woody Wood, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond, Hank and Elle Staniszewski, Neennah German, Janice Bilbrey and Myself. We’ve been missing Helen Harvey and Jo Ann Diamond, hope to see them back soon. Hope I haven’t forgotten anyone.

Thornton Senior News

A lively group consisting of twenty being, Doris Lemley, James Lenamond, Wilma Lee, Wayne Sharp, Alma McCurry, Gayla Lind, Ann Brown, Elizabeth Neason, Snuffy Bennett, Fonetta Simmons, Glenda Gambini, Earl Mask, Roger and Linda Watson, Hank and Elle Staniszewski, Lorene Stembridge, Sue Wood, Janice Bilbrey and myself, gathered again for lunch and fellowship. Was good to have Sue Wood back and calling bingo. Snuffy Bennett won 3 games, Lorene won 2 games, Alma McCurry won 2 games and Blackout, Doris Lemley also won a game. Congratulations to these lucky ones.


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